The Simple Cleanser: Ingredients You Can Pronounce


I, personally, could not be more in love with this cleanser. I have extremely sensitive skin and struggled finding products that worked well for my as long can remember. regardless of how many cleansers tried on the market they all seemed to irritate skin. was always left feeling dried out or dealing rashes pesky breakouts. been there?

I felt so frustrated! I didn’t know where to turn. I wanted something natural and clean, a product that used only the simplest ingredients that actually worked. So, I took matters into my own hands and formulated this cleanser to help my skin - a product that keeps my skin clean, hydrated and soothed. It’s that simple. 

Our skin needs its natural oils to remain healthy - without these, we’re left vulnerable to redness, inflammation, and skin conditions like Eczema and Rosacea. The barrier layer of our skin, the Stratum Corneum, is our body's natural protection against environmental stressors. Repeated use of harsh facial products damages our skin’s natural barrier, which makes us vulnerable to bacteria, inflammation, and chronic dryness. This is why I’ve formulated the Simple Cleanser with Aloe, Goat Milk, Lavender Water and Chamomile. Effective at ridding your skin of makeup and impurities, while gentle enough to keep you hydrated, nourished and protected. 

One of my favorite elements? Our Simple Cleanser’s hydrating texture feels so silky-smooth, just like a light cream. And, even better? No artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals, ever.  

I understand firsthand that, if your skin isn’t looking it’s best, you’re not feeling your best. Now, I want as many people as possible to see the same results I see in my own skin after using the Simple Cleanser. 

Can’t wait to try for yourself? You’re in luck! If you are subscribed to Allure Beauty Box, you will be sampling the Simple Cleanser in Allure’s November Beauty Box! We will be giving a discount code to purchase the full size on our website November - December. Hope you enjoy...happy cleansing! 

Our Simple Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, removes facial makeup and dirt without stripping away essential moisture. Made with natural milk proteins which soothes dry, sensitive skin. For ultimate results, incorporate the Simple Cleanser into your morning and night skincare routine, followed by our Moisturizing Cream. 

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  • Did not irritate my eyes when sampling this product and felt really smooth like a cream which i am unused to in a cleanser, no breakouts and skin texture remains unchanged which is ideal


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