Rose Toner! Why You Should Never Skip This Step

USE AS A FINAL CLEANSING STEP: Try putting toner on a cotton pad, wipe your face and see how dirty the pad is. Toner helps remove all the excess dirt, oils, dead skin cells, and leftover makeup. Using toner after cleansing your face helps your moisturizer and other products absorb better into your skin.

BALANCE YOUR SKIN'S PH: Your skin has a specific pH balance where it's the healthiest and you want to maintain that level. However many things can interfere with your pH balance. For example, over cleansing, air pollution, change in seasons with different humidity levels, cosmetics, sweat, and using tap water to clean your face. When your skin's pH levels are off kilter it can cause increased  dryness, acne, or excess oiliness. However, using a toner can help to restore that balance.

REDUCES REDNESS AND IRRITATION: Our Rose Toner has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces redness, soothes your skin and can help with eczema. Our Rose Toner can also add nutrients to your skin that work to (over time) protect it from environmental damage.

ANTI AGING PROPERTIES: Our Rose Toner helps maintain your skin's youthfulness. It is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils that help hydrate and repair your skin's tissues, accelerate cell regeneration, and brighten your skin.

HOW TO USE OUR TONER: Use our Rose Toner after cleansing  your skin. It should be used at least twice a day after cleansing. The most efficient way to use our Rose Toner is by spraying on a cotton pad then gently applying on your face and finally adding moisturizer.

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